IPEC Point Salonta, RO


We built the facility in Oradea greater area (Salonta) to provide a location with excellent access to the Western markets and from production point a view an area with a strong labour pool shielded from the wage pressures common to other industrial locations in Western Romania. Currently, Salonta offers to new companies a well trained work force and an unemployment rate close to 12%, resulting in lower salaries than elsewhere along the western border of Romania.

The first phase of the facility has over 13,000m2 of logistics and/or light production space, of which there is still 8,000m2 still available. The 1st pre-built space can be further expanded by 4,000-6,000m2 while the future expansions for the 2nd phase can provide additional 30,000m2. The land corresponding to the 1st phase totals 6 hectares.


The Salonta location provides great access to Central and Western Europe via the nearby Hungarian highway system while it is central to the industrial developments along the western border of Romania. An upgrade of the Arad-Oradea national road DN79 to 3 lanes has begun recently and will speed up the Salonta's access to the full-service border crossings Varsand and Bors

13,500 m2
We offer: 

Warehouse/light industrial space for rent from 1,600 m2. The facility is ready to move in!

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+421 2 40 100 200