IPEC Group has been growing in Slovakia and CEE since the year 1993 and belongs to the most successful contributors to the development of the Slovak economy. Initially the company offered project engineering, design, planning, consulting and project management services. Gradually IPEC's scope expanded to its own real estate projects and made the company a major real estate developer in the CEE market. "IPEC Group was born not only out of our courage, enthusiasm, and determination to face risks but out of an analysis of the economic and market conditions and our understanding about the needs of our clients and investors," said the chief executive and the owner of the company Mr. Ivan Čarnogurský jr..

Our clients provided us with new insights
A constant quality improvement of all activities, know-how, progressive technologies and a professional team have produced the exceptional growth of the company, both in domestic and international markets. "We grew and improved on the run, every meeting with a client and investor provided us with new knowledge and insight.", Ivan Čarnoguský jr. recalls.

Expanding outside of Slovakia
IPEC has been focused on working with international customer and partners. Upon successful completion of projects in Slovakia we have applied our experiences and know-how to international projects. Our most important international projects so far took place in Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Austria.